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About Us - Attitude Brand - Proud to be local

This is our retail business working along side our established mh collection and Kev Fisher collection quality products and services.

The brand name . . ATTITUDE . . . we wanna hear about your ATTITUDE

We get asked about our ATTITUDE logo design . . . why the numbers . . . . . A = 1 . . T = 20 . . T = 20 . . etc . . . which all adds up to 100 percent.

Selfies printed onto fabrics

Today most people including young children have a digital camera mobile phone. This is an area we excel in by using your digital mobile file download for printing onto textiles - selfies printed onto fabrics.

What we do

Create personalised products from your imagery for family, baby, kids room, home or office, weddings, pets, holidays, sportsday achievements, grandparents and selfies - night outs - hen parties.

Events, weddings, christenings, theatre, photographers backdrops, award ceremonies, school fete and fund raising. Personalised party time, hen and stag tee shirts and holiday memories textiles for keep sake.

Pet personalized products - cushions, blanket and fabric coverings. Adult, kids and baby Tee shirts, cushions, blanket and fabric coverings.

Corporate gifts, promotional fabric pop-up stands, exhibition displays, flags, banners and signage. Fabric only - Bureau and Print Service to the sewing clubs and do it yourself communities.

Innovation, knowledge and teaching

We have expert knowledge of the digital textile print and processes. This means we can work closely with lecturers and students to ensure the printing process equipment and chosen fabrics meets the requirements of specific courses and any special applications - such as fashion shows.

We teach and navigate creative people, students, sewing clubs, communities and businesses to up grade their skills . . . understand digital technologies from mobile imagery formats, download into softwares, print ready software calibrations, choosing different fabrics and textiles to using eco dyes for the printing process. Manufacturing unique products for retail . . . With the project named - made here in Barnsley.

Understanding of the digital textile market

Although digital printing onto fabric works in the same way as any office type ink-jet printers, fabric has always been inherently more difficult to print due to its flexible nature.

The level of flexibility varies from warp to weft and with each weave, so guiding the fabric under digital printer heads has proven to be very challenging. 

Before any printing is carried out, the designs need to be developed in a digital format that can be read by the computer softwares, systems and digital printing process.


Build a reputation amongst businesses and consumers as the most knowledgeable, reliable and quality driven company in the digital textile printing industry within north of England.

Innovation is one key area and strength of mh collection and the brand Attitude. It will help find new ways to improve products and services with new eco dye colours printed onto new textiles British made.

Everyday we discuss quality with suppliers of UK made fabrics and identify any innovative approaches that could make the supply chain more effective in the future.


The direction mh collection, kev fisher collection and the brand Attitude offer is to supply customers with what imports can not do - manufacturer unique luxury personalized products using eco dyes - No chemical.

These water based dyes are used to create a range of unique colours such as Gold, Silver metallic colours and all the colours of the rainbow. These unique colour eco dyes are mixed for printing onto British made fabrics and textiles.

Implement and further develop ideas, creativity and unique products.

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